New softSP firmware update disk image. 

1. improve the stability to work with disk controller cards. 

2.remove the limitation for some programs need to load from disk B.

The disk image is an upgrade tool. Put it in wDrive, select it to boot and follow the instructions then.

There are some limitations need to know. The tool can only write the flash at address cx00-cxff, c800-cfef at a time.

During the first attempt, you should select Y to erase the chip and write the memory cx00-cxff and c800-cfef, where ‘x’ is the slot number.

For example, if the card is in slot7, the memory area c700-c7ff and c800-cfef are programmed.

You can see that c100-c6ff are not write during this attempt. As a result, the card can only use in slot 7,in this example.

You need complete 6 more attempts by put the card in different slot in order to program the whole area.

During these attempts, you should select N for NOT to erase the chip. If you only use slot7, you can neglect these steps.

To Download the latest version of the Firmware, go to the following location: softSP CARD Firmware v2

wDrive firmware v1.0b7 Beta
wDrive firmware v1.0b8 Beta
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