wDrive new firmware version 1.02 Beta.

1. On screen selection manual

    i) Copy the wdmain.dat to the root directory.

2. Integrate Anti-m boot

    i) Copy the anti-m.dsk to the root directory.

   ii) Boot as usual to on screen manual

  iii) Choose desired image by move the cursor

  vi) Press CTRL-A to boot the desire image. 

         The anti-m.dsk can be download from 4am’s page and rename the dsk file to anti-m.dsk

3. Bugfix

Manual Operation:

1. Make sure there is no image file selected when boot (since wDrive saved last selected image and retrieve when boot). If there is file selected, UNSELECT it by press DOWN key and then press RESET. Reboot the computer now.

2. After the menu shown, use left/right/up/down key to move the selection pointer. Use letter key to fast navigate to file with filename start with that letter. Use numeric key to direct point to the file labeled by the number.

3. Press RETURN to start boot the selected image.

Note: For Apple iic, this feature only support floppy images(dsk,nib,po,woz,edf). Since the smartport of iic is drive B and wDrive should connect/boot in drive A. This feature cannot boot smartport images(hdv/2mg).

For some apple iis only support uppercase characters, use press CTRL-X to switch to uppercase characters.

Download : wDrive Firmware v1.0b2 Beta

Update Firmware:

1. Prepare a SD card loaded with the firmware file (wdrive.bin & wdmain.dat) in root directory.

2. Press and hold both left and select key, then reset wDrive by push the reset button.

3. After reset, the wDrive’s screen shows “Release key....”. Then release the keys and wDrive start update the firmware and reboot.

wDrive firmware v0.99g Beta
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