softSP card is simply a ROM card occupied Cx00-CxFF and C800-CxEF. The code in the ROM features to simulate the smartport protocol so that smartport devices can connect and work with apple IIs disk II interface. Especially for Apple II/II+/IIe, without the Liron card, they can use the smartport devices via disk ii card.


Besides softSP card, wDrive also builtin the driver. There is limitation for this version since the memory usage for some large program may overlap with the driver.


We also release a version softSP code for grappler printer card. If you possess the card and like to try the softSP, this is one of the option. This version is free to download in our webpage.


softSP compatibilities:

1. Smartport HDDs

2. wDrive selected 2mg, hdv HDD images

3. Apple unidisk 2053( need an adaptor **not include, do not directly connect to disk ii)

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