* Support 5.25 disk image in nib, edf and woz format.

* Support disk read/write(for game save,disk copy).

  • transfer floppy disk to woz through disk copy.
  • Copy protected disks require special copy program to copy.

* Support Fat/Fat32 file system.

* Dimensions 70mm x 40mm x 20mm

* More functions can be updated by firmware in the future.

* Include 20-pin Flat Ribbon Cable.

* Include 3D Printed CASE.

Added support quarter track from version v0.45

Added short cut to go back to the top of current folder when pressed the UP and SELECT keys together  from version v0.45

Added support DSK/DO/PO files read from version v0.47

Added 13 sector support, press UP key when booting 13 sector disk from version v0.47

Added Fast file navigate in alphabetic order  when DOWN/SELECT pressed together from version v0.47

Added support DSK/DO/PO files sector write from version v0.50

Added support WOZ v2.0 from version v0.50

Added boot to last select image when power on from version v0.50

Added zero checksum to woz file after write from version v0.51


Maximum files in each folder limited  to 100

Maximum levels of sub folder limited  to 10

Not support quarter track

When copy to .nib file use disk copy, the copy program will rewrite the entire track. After copy, the sync bytes are reserved which is not the same as the standard .nib file. In this case other apple emulators or floppy emulators may not able to recognize this file.

Write to woz file will not alter the meta data. As the meta data carry the checksum, the image after write may not use by other system unless it was patched to fix the checksum or the system does not care about the checksum like wDrive.

Write operation is timing critical. The write speed of the SD card greatly affect the success of write to disk. It is better to verify the disk use disk tools. For copy disk case, just copy the bad sector/track again.

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wDrive ( Frosted transparent)

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